For Reservations or Questions Contact us:

(360) 376-RIDE (7433)

 POB 208, Orcas, WA 98280

Free delivery and retrieval anywhere on Orcas Island included with your rental when you book more than 24 hours in advance!

4 Door Sedans 64.95 a day

7 Passenger Mini Vans 84.95 a day

Convertibles 104.95 a day

15 Passenger Vans 134.95 a day

(prices do not include Tax)


The Fine Print

Like everyone else in the islands we rent used cars. they are shiny and all one color but if you expect a brand new car you will be sad.

Reservations are subject to an immediate 20% cancellation fee. Once within 24 hours of the reservation, if you cancel, you will be charged for the first day and 20% of additional days. Cancelation fees resulting from, but not limited to, acts of divine retribution, meteor strikes, a global nuclear event, and/or severe cases of the sniffles will, unfortunately, not be waived. Because we are greedy and heartless, that’s why.

No pets (spouses and most children excluded) and no smoking (unless you are on fire). Thank you!

We let you take care of your own insurance. If they were brand new cars we would get more worked up over it but if you drive it into the ocean (lets just say) we are going to give you a call to see how you would like to handle it.

Keep it on island. If you take it off island and there is the aforementioned act of divine retribution or meteor strike, you are going to call us and be madder then a wet hen because we won’t come help, therefore we ask you to stay on island where we can take care of you.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it?